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Measure, Measure, Measure

Big or small, size matters to homebuyers

Over 4,000 estate agents have already discovered that maps on property particulars help them to win more business.

A new YouGov survey in April 2010 has shown that 47% of homebuyers want to know the size of a garden on property details. Now with the online measuring tool through GoView you can provide, in seconds, accurate land, property and garden dimensions.

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Simply complete the online registration form and we will set you up with a Username and Password, which will give you instant access to maps and the measuring tools. Alternatively, you can experience GoView for free using our online demo

The measurements that you take are based on the underlying Ordnance Survey data. Ordnance Survey 1:1,250 detailed mapping is the most accurate and up to date availiable.

"47% of homebuyers want to know the size of the garden on property particulars"

YouGov plc, April 2010

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